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Rio n : the former capital and 2nd largest city of Brazil; chief Brazilian port; famous as a tourist attraction [syn: Rio de Janeiro]

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Rio is the Portuguese and Spanish word for "river". It is often used as a nickname for Rio de Janeiro, a major city in Brazil.
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  • Kia Rio, a 2000s subcompact car made by Kia Motors
  • Ford Del Rio, a 1950s station wagon made by Ford Motor Company
  • Panther Rio, a 1970s luxury sedan made by British car makers Panther Westwinds



  • "Wooden Sword" Ryu, known as Rio in the English-language anime version of Shaman King, which has been running since 1998
  • Rio Hinayama, a character in the 1997 visual novel To Heart
  • Rio, a character in the web-show NX Files, running since 2005
  • "Rio", the first episode in Season 5 (September 2006) of the American television program CSI: Miami
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